Information for venues


  • The show runs for 75 minutes with or without an interval.
  • Minimum playing space of 2m x 4m.
  • Informal cabaret style of seating recommended, although theatre style seating in rows can work well, as long as the audience are not too far from the performing area, with a minimum of 1 metre distance from playing space to the audience.
  • Basic lighting and access to standard mains electricity is required. We will provide all other equipment including a minimal set, a keyboard, radio, costume and props.
  • 2 people touring. Lucy Stevens (Kathleen Ferrier) and Elizabeth Marcus (Musical Director / Accompanist)

Availability and Fees

Contact Penny Mayes to check availability, discuss fees and make bookings email


Kathleen Ferrier appealed to the whole nation “from Carlisle to Covent Garden” and her appeal spanned all walks of life. Whattalife! will attract a broad audience:

  • Fans of Kathleen Ferrier, of which there are many UK-wide.
  • A mature audience, for whom Whattalife! evokes memories of the 1940’s and 1950’s and tells the personal story of a national treasure.
  • A classical and contemporary music audience who enjoys not only the sung repertoire which weaves through the story but also the untold personal journey of an icon.

Marketing/Audience development

  • Whattalife! has received the blessing of the trustees of the Ferrier Estate and of the Kathleen Ferrier Society and has worked with the Kathleen Ferrier Archive in Blackburn and Christopher Fifield, editor of the published Letters and Diaries of Kathleen Ferrier.
  • We will provide A5 leaflets, A3 posters suitable for overprinting, press release and photographs.
  • Question and answer sessions can be staged after the show. Following extensive research to create Whattalife! Lucy is an authority on Kathleen’s private and public life.