About the show

Lucy Stevens as Kathleen Ferrier. Photography by Geoff Broadway

Kathleen Ferrier Whattalife! evokes the spirit of the war and post war years. It follows Kathleen from her debut as a singer in 1940, through her meteoric rise, to her tragic death in 1953.

Kathleen was a Lancastrian who became a household name and her death, from cancer, came as a huge shock to the nation.     It follows life’s highs…

…I’m fit as a flea … and haven’t had a cigarette since I left the boat  – in fact I’m too bloody good to live”    and life’s lows …

So I’m unhappy at the moment and you would probably say it was good for my art – but if this is art, then I hate it – I hate music, I hate my own voice, I hate people and I hate America!  There!!  I’m sorry – it’s just tiredness … am going to have a bath and leave a tidemark just to get mi moneys-worth …”

A new play performed by Lucy Stevens with an accompanist on piano/keyboard.

The show is 75 minutes. Can include an interval, or run straight through without an interval.